#JustStart your Goals ft. Urooj

Can you recall the time when you made a list of new year resolutions, not one, not two but many? You were thrilled and eager, but then all excitement came to rest when your motivation evaporated. When it was march and you got so comfortable with that you had now (Error 404! Comfort Zone). And then you started passing time as an animal. No goals nothing.. Just scrolling around Instagram and wondering why people have this sort of perfect life or waiting for your friends to make you feel a little less lonely.

If the answer is yes, then don't worry. I am the same person as you. Maybe I should say, I was. Until I joined the amal academy for a journey of Khudi (Self Discovery) through Amal (actions).

This Poem from I don't know which standard is always on my head whenever I do procrastination, but I do it anyway.

I am this sort of person, who gets interested in anything or maybe everything, so easily. I believed that I can master anything If I want to.. this kind of attitude often leads to wasting my energy to everything, I find interesting. It gets difficult for me to channelize my effort on something specific.

Remember! It is easy to be Jack of all trades but what more exciting is to be master of one. You have to have be the master of one single thing….

To me that one thing still is procrastination. I am a Pro of Procrastination. Well enough talking about me, I was writing this post to share how I have divided my SMART goal into some actionable task and my effort to keep up with that goal for a week.

My Goal:

Background Story:

I always used to write diaries in my childhood to until I did matric. I felt like this was my thing. Back in 2017, I started writing blogs but then became inconsistent. So my first goal is to write 500 words in a day about anything every day for almost 6 months. Recently, when I started writing blogs for Amal, I am having Ideas every day to write but I was still hesitant to write about anything else other than the project work

Goal # 1:

Improve my written communication skills by writing 500 words every day for almost 6 months and publishing my blog (Reflections, Gratitude) on medium on weekly basis.

- My Goal is specific: I want to improve my written communication skills.

- It is measurable: I can measure this goal by my progress in the writing. I will be checking my effectiveness score from Grammarly. Also, I will share my blogs with my peers to get their feedback.

- It is attainable and Realistic: I know the language, this is not something alien so I am going to achieve it.

- Time-Bound: My initial goal is to continue it for 6 months, to develop it as a habit.

-What is my progress on this goal so far?

I have completed 2 online courses on Coursera to improve my basic mistakes related to punctuation and grammar. I have taken some actionable steps, such as writing a journal online where I will be writing and keeping a check on my other goals too.

What else I would be achieving with my goal?

I would be incorporating 4 new words from vocabulary every day within my writing to make it richer and less boring. I joined the amal academy and have written almost 3 blogs.

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Be Kind